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Store Logs on Existing Gateway

Consolidate recording, temporary storage and forwarding of CAN logs on any existing vehicle gateway - no proprietary hardware or software required, reducing vehicle cost


Built-in CAN Converter

Integrated CAN log converter automatically converts files into industry standard format (PCAN trace or MDF4) without the expense of additional software, before data is forward to the cloud


Configurable Logging

Record system logs, bus data (CAN, LIN, Ethernet) and text logs - choose what you want to record and the frequency


Real-time Data Visibility

Real-time vehicle visibility assists fleet managers in monitoring vehicle health and can alert them to vehicles being operated unsafely


End-to-End Security

Multi-layered security assures update transmission, software download integrity and backend data storage


Web Portal & Analytics

Secure cloud-based portal provides ease of access to data and a wide range of analytical tools to view or export desired data; scalable backend system has the flexibility to be installed on any cloud service


Intelligent Data Reduction

Tools for selective reduction of cloud-based vehicle data reduces cost and complexity of storing unneeded information

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Rethink data logging.


Complete Life Cycle

Hardware logging tools used for development fleet are costly with limited functionality and often result in engineering errors later in the vehicle life cycle. Using a single solution throughout a vehicle’s life cycle reduces risk of errors and unnecessary costs

Record Critical Events

Critical event triggered logging identifies select conditions and initiates logging at specific intervals before, during and after an event, providing insight into cause and effect of critical issues that can be used for problem diagnostics as well as for valuable feedback into manufacturing and design

Predictive Maintenance & Analytics

Enables fleet managers to Identify needed parts or services before a failure, reducing unplanned downtime and risk of stranded drivers

Safe Driver Monitoring

Drivers can opt to allow their insurance companies to monitor specific vehicle metrics indicative of safe driving habits to use the data for scaling policy price

Unsafe Operation Alerts

Fleet managers can configure system to initiate a real time alert when a vehicle is being operated outside of preset conditions, enabling them to take timely action to reduce risk

Ease of Integration

Comprehensive developer environment simplifies integration of Sibros solution into any vehicle

Reduce Cost

Replace expensive Hardware cost with per user license with Site-Wide license solution

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